Staying Out Tour
Staying Out Tour
A UK nationwide tour of Ed Webb-Ingall's film 'We Have Rather Been Invaded'. In each city that we screened the film we also threw a dance party for the local community with DJs, performers and the queer pop music outfit Personnel (fka 'Beep').

The documentary looks at the impact and legacy of Section 28 and the direct action protests that preceded it, including the ‘lesbian invasion’ of the BBC six o’clock news in 1988. Comprised of a roundtable discussion with activists and educators interspersed with archival materials, the video examines the role of activism and our understanding of this piece of legislation that prohibited local authorities and state schools in the UK from promoting homosexuality.

Personnel is a London/Kent based song writer making serene queer pop music for fags and their friends. Their latest release is the album 'Ampersand' which you can stream and download here.

This project was the birth of 'Staying Out' and we've been hanging out ever since. We are the children of Section 28.
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